SenseAnywhere Real Time Mapping Solution

SenseAnywhere data loggers in warehouses worldwide
The SenseAnywhere data loggers are used in many warehouses worldwide. SenseAnywhere supplies its products to USAID and Chemonics for example, and from there they are transported to areas such as Mozambique, Burkina Faso and Haïti. The data loggers of SenseAnywhere are used to monitor medical samples and pharma substances in local warehouses. Losing a huge amount of medication due to not continuously/correctly monitoring of the temperature and humidity of these medication belongs to the past. We keep medicines safe in Third World countries and make the African people happy.

What is Mapping and what’s its purpose?
Mapping is a documented measurement of the temperature and/or relative humidity distribution within a storage area, including identification of hot and cold spots. The purpose of a temperature mapping study is to document and control the temperature distribution within a storage area. All mapping exercises should be fully documented in order to demonstrate compliance to management, clients and the regulatory authorities (cGxP). All new temperature-controlled storage areas must be temperature-mapped as part of a fully documented verification process, before the installation is commissioned and handed over by the installer. Until this has been done, it is not safe to store time- and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products in such areas.

SenseAnywhere Real Time Mapping
SenseAnywhere Temperature Mapping is an extremely efficient and economical mapping process with a minimum of time and resources, which quickly and clearly discovers possible resist areas. Based on the generated Mapping Report in the SenseAnywhere Portal, users can make recommendations about the optimum storage locations for highly sensitive products, and those that are less sensitive.

Difference between old Mapping methods and SenseAnywhere’s solution
There is a clear difference between how mapping used to be and SenseAnywhere Real Time Mapping. Previously, the following tasks were carried out: program all loggers (time, interval, etc.), collect all loggers, read out the data, run data in a computer program (Excel), collect findings, make charts, process the report into Word and when things went wrong, tasks had to be performed again. With the SenseAnywhere Real Time Mapping solution, these extensive tasks belong to the past. It saves a lot of time and money. All you have to do is install the loggers in the warehouse and connect a Mobile AccessPoint. With one click in the SenseAnywhere Portal you have the correct temperatures in graphs. Any problems regarding the temperature in the warehouse can be solved and the big advantage is that you see the results immediately.

• Real time view of mapping study. Before creating the mapping report, you know what to expect;
• Shortest possible validation time;
• High flexibility, quantity of loggers, reporting options;
• Less human intervention, less chance of errors;
• Full automated data collection, calculations, graphs and report generation;
• Guaranteed genuine data and report with online check;
• SenseAnywhere loggers have a battery that lasts 10 years;
• All data, parameters and settings are securely stored and accessible for 10 years.

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