Hospitals happy with innovative monitoring solution

Medicinal products and vaccines should always be stored under specific conditions to ensure quality throughout their shelf life. The AiroSensor is an inexpensive and reliable monitor solution to monitor the climate conditions automatically, safely and continuously.

AiroSensors in hospitals
The AiroSensor is used in hospitals all over the world. AiroSensors in the hospitals’ medicine cabinets measure the temperature (and humidity) every 5 minutes and send it to the Cloud. From there, the data can be retrieved from the computer, tablet or smartphone. If the values are outside the set margins, the hospital pharmacist will receive an alarm message via e-mail or SMS. This way, quickly action can be taken if necessary.

“SenseAnywhere is reliable, accurate and easy to use. Functionalities always work well, they do exactly what they’re supposed to do. For us, working with SenseAnywhere means we no longer have to check whether an alarm is triggered. The sensors measure very accurately and we get an instant alert if the temperature deviates from the desired values. This saves a lot of time, and it also means that our temperature-sensitive products are very well protected against fluctuations, as we can intervene immediately. A good example of how good SenseAnywhere is, is that the auditor who came to test our system now uses SenseAnywhere himself.”


SenseAnywhere has a robust, systematic, and risk-based approach for Information Security, SenseAnywhere meets the requirements for a Quality Management System and Environmental Management System and our systems enable you to set up and implement a GxP compliant temperature monitoring solution.

4 advantages

  1. Economic and reliable solution
  2. Automatically, safely and continuously monitor temperature conditions
  3. Quick action can be taken if necessary
  4. Hospitals can be confident that their medicines are stored correctly

Easy and inexpensive

The AiroSensor offers several advantages. The system relieves hospital pharmacies of its worries. AiroSensors and AccessPoints just need to be installed and placed, the rest goes automatically. The AiroSensors in hospitals can be followed from all over the world. This gives the hospital pharmacist control over the temperatures of all areas of the hospital where medicines are stored. Furthermore, it is a cost effective solution. Hospitals can be confident that their medicines are stored correctly, which gives a reassuring feeling.



  • Monitor temperatures from -40°C to +70°C
  • Highly accurate measurements (± 0.1°C)
  • 10-year battery life – 1 million measurements
  • Humidity range: 0 – 99 % RH, non-condensing
  • The AiroSensor 20-20-43 can be easily
    connected to various Modules





with External Modules


  • Real-time digital measurements with
    alarm functions
  • All measured values in one system
  • Monitor temperatures from -200°C
    to +200°C
  • Modules to connect your own 4-wire
    Pt100, industry standard analogue
    sensors that output 4-20mA or 0-10V



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