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The sensor sends data through an AccessPoint and the firewall to the Cloud. From the Cloud it is accessible to the user from any smart device.

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What our customers say

“The software is user-friendly and clear. In addition, the alarm notification is easy to adjust.”

S. van Opdenbosch, Kindengezin

“Great help in keeping the several temperature schemes clearly in our system.”

M. Hinnens, Limpex

“Your product has given us a much clearer picture of the temperature behaviour in our warehouses. We definitely recommend the SenseAnywhere loggers to others!”

“Fantastic Product, very efficient. If an issue occurs an email and/or text message comes straight through to make you aware. Ensuring that the business can continue and correct the issue if something is wrong. Would highly recommend this equipment to anyone.”

“The SenseAnywhere products help me to simplify the registration of temperature. If there are any problems, they are solved together. I have already recommended the logger to several colleagues who are looking for a monitoring system.”

“I love the SenseAnywhere web support. The latest update offers much faster functionalities than previously was performed manually.”

“The SenseAnywhere software is really very user-friendly! My expectations have been exceeded, the range is good and it works great. From now on, we can monitor the temperature of our freezers 24/7 with alarm and SMS function! I can recommend it to everyone and the prices don’t hold you back!”

“We have been using two SenseAnywhere Airosensors for almost a year with great results. Today we started using our third unit! The quality so far is great, the units have never failed. The software is very intuitive and easy to use. The sensors have easily met and even exceeded our expectations! In short these sensors with the possibility to send out warnings (email etc) give us peace of mind. Would highly recommend these to any colleague or person who wants to know what is going on with their costly products that need to be kept cool. You can not go wrong with the Airosensors!”

J. Tjong Akiet, Apotheek Tjong Akiet

“SenseAnywhere offers user friendly devices of high quality. The sensors and software met our expectations and provide other helpful services. It gives us valuable information about the warehouse environment. I already recommended the SenseAnywhere products to others!”

“Great asset for the alert helped us to achieve BRC (British Retail Consortium, Global Standard for Food Safety).”

“Pharmacy Monster B.V. and Pharmacy Poeldijk have been using 5 AiroSensors for several weeks now. The system quickly brought us benefits. In the past, we were only able to take action afterwards if the temperature was too low or high. Now we immediately receive an e-mail or SMS notification when limits are exceeded. The ability to take proactive action when needed is highly effective. The app and the website are working fine and we have not experienced any disruptions yet. The customer service is very good. You will be called back immediately if you have any questions. This allowed me, as an industry layman, to get to work very quickly. I definitely recommend the AiroSensor to colleagues!”

C. van Tricht, Apotheek Monster B.V.

“The SenseAnywhere Monitoring System offers a good temperature registration. There are many possibilities in terms of settings. You also get messages when there is no measurement, which is convenient.”

K. Hollegien, Anjer Apotheek

“The SenseAnywhere loggers are low-maintenance and easy to use. The alarm system works properly and can be set individually. Compared to using an old competitive logger, I now only have to deal with the loggers when something really is wrong. That saves a lot of time!”

“We have been using the AiroSensor for a year now. This allows us to log the temperature in a cold store and we receive an alarm when the temperature is too high or too low. I am very satisfied with this product because the operation is simple and effective, and I will also recommend it to others who are looking for a similar solution.”

T. de Beer, Javado

“I am very pleased with the AiroSensor. Fast delivery and the presentation of the data is exactly what we are looking for. I am also very pleased with the content of the advice I have received.”

F. Pannekoek, FIDES Expertise BV

“Roald meat can recommend this SenseAnywhere Monitoring System, it has now worked for 1.5 years flawlessly. This can be recommended as an automatic freeze log.”

“After years of searching for a suitable product to monitor the conditioned rooms (e.g. refrigerators), I have been a very satisfied user of SenseAnywhere for a few years now. Very practical, web-based and deviations and practical overview appear through a notification on your smartphone or mail. Amazing!”

“We are very satisfied with the SenseAnywhere Monitoring System. It works perfectly, and it saves a lot of work e.g. automatic recording and storage. You don’t have to worry about it anymore because you know how high the temperature is in the coolers in hot weather. You can do this at home, which is very convenient!”

J.J.A.M. Rijkenberg, Fa. J.Rijkenberg en Zn

“I have recently purchased the Sense Anywhere system for use within a Wholesale Fish Supplier. I had a free trial which enabled me to understand the product and it effectiveness within our business before buying it. It has given me the level of control which future proves our business allowing us to meet the audit requirements of any new customers and our own audit systems. The flexibility of the system and its portability is a huge advantage for us as we can monitor our entire cold chain with pin point accuracy from the comfort of an arm chair if we so wish. The QR system will give us a edge over our competitors as the level of service it provides to our customers is second to none. The website is effective and easy to navigate with lots of tools to make the job easier. I have already showed it to an Owner of a Fruit and Veg Wholesalers who could see instantly the potential of the system within his own business.”

“Our company is very happy with the SenseAnywhere loggers. The loggers are easy to use and easy to place. We receive a clear report every week. We can respond directly and immediately to any alarms. Of course, this is very important in the monitoring of the products. We certainly recommend the SenseAnywhere loggers to others.”

“In museum Beelden aan Zee we constantly have to keep an eye on the climate. We always did this by placing local meters, digital and analog. Especially the latter require a lot of discipline and care for the devices. Preciousness and ease of use go hand in hand with the sensors from SenseAnywhere! I was able to pass on detailed reports to lenders, on a regular weekly basis, from whom we had fragile statues to borrow for our Zadkine exhibition. This contributed to our professionalism and insight into the climate in showcases and rooms. Alarms make it easy to intervene or otherwise adapt in climate, and the software is very user-friendly.”

D. van Broekhuizen, Sculptuur Instituut

“The product works very well and has no disruptions. We use this system to monitor our production environment. It provides us with good insight and triggers us immediately if a special situation arises. The product is very flexible. The system is constantly updated with very useful new functionalities. It is a 100% suitable solution for us. We definitely recommend your product! Monthly automatic reports are a good contribution to the system.”

R. Nieling, PROTON BV

“We have been using SenseAnywhere loggers for 1 year now. Very user-friendly and quick installation. The advantage is that manual tasks are no longer necessary and that the data is clearly online in the SenseAnywhere Portal. This saves a lot of time!”

N. Repkes, Apotheek de Goese Polder

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