SenseAnywhere develops and markets wireless transceiver modules, sensor enabled active RFID tags, wireless sensors and data loggers and AccessPoints to wirelessly connect them to our Cloud. Our technology and devices enable you to realize Real-Time Location Systems using Active RFIDs, Sensor-enabled Active RFIDs and Wireless data loggers for amongst others motion, temperature and humidity.

Years of RF, analog and digital engineering has led to an ultra-low power RF transceiver platform that is extremely easy to use. The complete RF protocol handling and network management is integrated on the modules and AccessPoints. No pairing, no key management, all network components are plug and play. The ultra-low power technology makes it possible to make active RFID / Sensors / Data loggers like the AssetSensor and the AiroSensor that will operate autonomously for 10 years and can deliver well over one million data messages to the Cloud and optional your application.

SenseAnywhere specializes in connecting your products wirelessly to the Internet, make them talk to you, provide you or your customers with real-time information on how they are doing and what they have measured or detected. A good example is our cloud-based temperature / humidity monitoring solution for stationary equipment and distribution chain monitoring of goods.

We have the technology and expertise to make this happen. With over 15 years of experience in developing wireless networked products and communication protocols for business to business customers. Our network technology has been proven in tens of thousands of products. Our hardware and software will help you to have your products or equipment becoming a part of the Internet of Things