SenseAnywhere supports the pharmaceutical industry with smart sensors

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the control and supervision of among other pharmaceutical drugs (medications), vaccines, blood transfusions and medical devices. FDA has set strict regulations which are based on the laws. The medical and drug sector is therefore working with high safety and traceability requirements. The first task of pharmacists is to insure the safety and efficacy of refrigerated and frozen medications with regular, preferably automatic temperature monitoring.

Protect your laboratory with the SenseAnywhere Monitoring System
Manually monitoring refrigerator and freezer conditions can result in missed checks, inaccurate readings, incomplete documentation and put your pharmacy at risk. With the data loggers of SenseAnywhere, temperature is automatically recorded every 5 minutes, day and night. By providing 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring, the SenseAnywhere Monitoring System offers peace of mind that stored vaccines or medical samples are safe and effective. Whether they are in a freezer, fridge or climate chamber; if the temperatures go beyond the user-programmed limits, an alarm will be sent via e-mail or SMS. This feature allows pharmacies to act quickly and prevent costly damage.

SenseAnywhere’s data loggers monitor medical samples during transport
The SenseAnywhere AiroSensor and SwitchHolder provide a simple and convenient way to monitor the temperature of samples during transport. What does this process look like? Read the example of how our data loggers can be easily used by doctors, transporters and laboratories at the application ‘Transport of medicines’. Monitoring transportation of samples has never been this easy!

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