Ensure product quality with wireless temperature monitoring

Automated temperature monitoring and control help to ensure food safety during transport, processing and storage and satisfy electronic recordkeeping requirements. Why is temperature monitoring of the food environment so important? Large temperature fluctuations in walk-in coolers put restaurant customers at risk of food poisoning, restaurant management teams at risk of food waste/spoilage and Food Inspection Services’ sanctions and restaurant brands at risk of social media backlash. SenseAnywhere’s wireless sensors help you in preventing these problems.

How does it work?
SenseAnywhere’s data loggers are placed with or around the food to be monitored. Through the SenseAnywhere Portal, you will be able to automatically and effortlessly monitor all of your goods and storage facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can receive real-time alerts (per email or SMS) when temperatures go outside a set range. All data is stored in our secure Cloud with server redundancy and automated system backups.

The SenseAnywhere data loggers can be used in refrigeration/cooling systems (frozen and chilled food), production areas and restaurants, but also at processing/cooking, storage/distribution/cold chain, retail premises/catering, supermarkets and many more.

Efficient and convenient

Automatic data reporting with graphs and spreadsheets for detailed analysis.

Reduce spoilage and waste

Receive real-time alerts via SMS or email if a cooling unit’s temperature is outside the set limits. No more lost stock.

Confirm with regulatory compliance

Automated monitoring of temperatures helps you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

Save time and money

Eliminate administrative inefficiency and manual temperature logging. Your employees can focus on delivering quality food and service.

Monitor anywhere

24/7 access from anywhere via any Internet enabled device.

Protect your reputation

There is nothing more valuable than your reputation, so make sure it’s protected.

User experiences

“The software is user-friendly and clear. In addition, the alarm notification is easy to adjust.”

S. van Opdenbosch, Kindengezin

“Great help in keeping the several temperature schemes clearly in our system.”

M. Hinnens, Limpex

“Fantastic Product, very efficient. If an issue occurs an email and/or text message comes straight through to make you aware. Ensuring that the business can continue and correct the issue if something is wrong. Would highly recommend this equipment to anyone.”

“The SenseAnywhere products help me to simplify the registration of temperature. If there are any problems, they are solved together. I have already recommended the logger to several colleagues who are looking for a monitoring system.”

“The SenseAnywhere software is really very user-friendly! My expectations have been exceeded, the range is good and it works great. From now on, we can monitor the temperature of our freezers 24/7 with alarm and SMS function! I can recommend it to everyone and the prices don’t hold you back!”

Want to learn more?

There are many examples of companies that have lost thousands of euros in costly spoilage due to not continuously (or not correctly) monitoring of the temperature of food. SenseAnywhere’s AiroSensors enable you to minimize food spoilage and improve food safety. Most importantly, our AiroSensor provides an extra layer of protection for your hospitality brand and reputation. In addition, companies can avoid the costly financial repercussions of a recall, while preserving investor confidence and consumer trust. If you want to learn more, our technical and sales team stay at your disposal to answer your questions: +31 (0) 165 560088 or info@senseanywhere.com.