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Voice Alerts available for Pro / Enterprise accounts

SenseAnywhere is happy to announce that Voice Alerts is available for Pro and Enterprise accounts.

Voice Alerts are often a requirement for companies in the pharmaceutical industry that have a monitoring system to protect medical samples, medicines, vaccines, and other injectables. With Voice Alerts, users are called in a predefined order when an alarm is triggered. The first user can claim the alarm or reject the alarm, after which the second user is called, and so on. This way, no alarm is missed, and action is always taken when needed.

Set which users will be alerted and in what order with Call Lists
To use Voice Alerts, customers can create Call Lists. A Call List is a list of users that are called in the event of an alarm. Customers can fully customize Call Lists and manage which users will be alerted and in what order they will be alerted.

A state of the art text-to-speech engine with dozens of available dialects
Besides a Call List, customers can define custom message templates that will be read aloud using Text-to-speech in their preferred language. These messages are created by the user and are customizable by optionally using tokens. We use a state-of-the-art text-to-speech engine with over 30 available dialects (22 languages and 17 locales).

Enabling PIN requests for security reasons
From a security perspective, it is even possible to enable a PIN request optionally. Once enabled, the user is asked for their 4-digit PIN to be able to confirm the alarm.

Simply Smarter
The SenseAnywhere cloud-based monitoring system has been used across various applications and industries. SenseAnywhere has established a wide network of distributors globally, and its products are sold worldwide with excellent support provided in the local language. Please speak to your local representative about the other benefits this fully compliant system can present and ask them to share the countless testimonials from our satisfied Pharmacy customers. Get in contact with a SenseAnywhere reseller by clicking on this link:

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