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SenseAnywhere launches swift responding Temp Only and Temp+RH Modules

SenseAnywhere officially launches its innovating Temp Only and Temp+RH Modules. These products feature the most accurate measurement modules for respectively Relative Humidity and/or Temperature. Both modules have a very short response time, making them ideal for use within Dynamic Environments. Complementary to their highly accurate measurements is the size of the modules; because they are smaller than 12 mm in diameter, they fit practically everywhere and can measure in the smallest spaces.

Measuring dynamic environments
The Temp Only and Temp+RH Modules are a perfect fit for measuring within dynamic environments. When connected with the AiroSensor 20-20-43, each small-scale mapping is easily performed and read out quickly. It is easy to use the modules whenever Temperature and/or Relative Humidity fluctuations need to be measured fast. Because of the small size of the modules, they also perfectly fit in inaccessible locations and narrow spaces.

Validation and reference measurements
The high-performance Temp Only and Temp+RH Modules are equipped with the most accurate Relative Humidity and/or Temperature meters. Therefore, the products can be used for validation measurements in small storage rooms and freezers. On the other hand, the modules have an exceptional benefit since they can also be used for reference measurements. If an AiroSensor needs to be (re)calibrated, but there is no possibility of sending the logger back, the Temp Only and Temp+RH Modules can read out deviations of the AiroSensor in no time.

More options with SAB Extension Cables
Since the latest modules feature the SenseAnywhere Bus (SAB) interface, they can be connected to our SAB Extension Cables. These cables are available in the length of 2,5 and 10 meters. They allow for External Modules such as the Temp Only and the Temp+RH to measure in environments where the connection of the internet is poor. The Modules can be placed in an inaccessible location and still sends their measurements via the SAB Extension Cable to the AiroSensor. The Temp Only and Temp+RH modules can be individually calibrated because the electronics in the connector are used to determine the measured value.

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