SenseAnywhere: Simply Smarter

We are SenseAnywhere. We manufacture very accurate, easy to use and ultra-low-power data loggers, enabling fully automated temperature monitoring during storage or transport of temperature-sensitive products. Our monitoring and mapping solutions are being used in all kinds of industries, among which are Pharma, Food and Logistics, all over the world. The wireless data loggers have a 10-year battery life, which is unique in the industry.

Our AiroSensors are easy to install, use and maintain and can measure various parameters like temperature and humidity. Our products and services are extremely user-friendly, our data loggers durable and the measurements extremely accurate. We store the data safely in a certified Cloud environment. The data is accessible from any smart device. Users get an alarm per Email / SMS when parameter limits are exceeded. Our software is validated, we offer customers tools to become GxP compliant, and we comply with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR part 11.

SenseAnywhere products are sold worldwide by qualified reseller partners in various countries who speak the local language and offer excellent support. How do we do it? By working with the smartest technology. SenseAnywhere: Simply smarter. Easy, excellent & economical.

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