Magnetic Holder

Holder can be attached to loggers and its magnets to Mobile AccessPoints

The Magnetic Holder has no influence on the temperature

Size L: 80x34x3mm
Size S: 69x33x3mm

Pull force
Pull force magnets: > 10 kg

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Strong Magnetic Holders to easily hang loggers during Mapping
SenseAnywhere’s Magnetic Holders are the perfect solution for attaching loggers to metal racks during Mapping in warehouses. The Magnetic Holders are designed with thermal insulation, ensuring the logger hangs slightly from the wall without impacting the temperature. This makes them an ideal solution for efficient Mapping in warehouses, where accuracy and precision are critical.

Designed with convenience in mind, the magnets from the Magnetic Holder can also be easily attached to a Mobile AccessPoint, providing flexibility and ease when hanging it in a warehouse. Don’t let the hassle of finding suitable mounting options for your loggers get in the way of efficient Mapping. Trust SenseAnywhere’s Magnetic Holders to securely attach your loggers and get the job done with ease.

Size S and L
The Magnetic Holders are available in sizes S (69 mm) and L (80 mm). Size S can be used for AiroSensor 2X and 3X. Size L can be used for AiroSensor 4X and the SwitchHolder.

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