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Sensor enabled Long Range Active RFID and motion datalogger in one compact case with lifetime battery
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Active RFID and Wireless Temp & Humidity logger

New generation of wireless data loggers for Cold Chain / Good Distribution Practice compliancy. Lifetime battery, allowing undisrupted operations for up to 10 years
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SenseAnywhere - Wireless sensing, logging and control… Anywhere






AssetSensor leads a new generation of active Tags / RFIDs that also feature sensor technology. Besides the traditional beacon function found in Active Tags, the AssetSensor can also provide information motion and handling on the device it is attached to allowing you collect more valuable data about your assets.
By combining latest RF transceiver technology with a low power microprocessor and integration of MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) sensor technology SenseAnywhere has been able to greatly improve and cost reduce wireless sensor and data logger devices. AssetSensor is the first product of a range of products that can be used for track and trace, remote sensing monitoring and alerting, RTLS and data logging.

Unique is its unmatched battery life of 10 years. One big thing less to worry about when deploying active Tags. 

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AiroSensor leads a new generation of temperature data loggers. Besides the traditional beacon function found in Active Tags, the AiroSensor can also provide temperature and humidity information about the item it is attached to or environment in which it is installed.
The AiroSensor features besides the motion sensor also an accurate temperature and humidity sensor. At programmable predefined intervals the measured values will be directly transferred to the central database and when in transit the data is stored in the sensor and transmitted when it comes in range of an access point. Due to the continuous logging over extended periods of time and the automatic wireless transfer of the measurements make reporting and proving that your goods have been kept within limits all the time during storage and distribution a breeze. Compliance with Cold Chain, GDP and HACCP rules has never been easier.

The internal battery of the AiroSensor lasts for 10 years, delivering over one million temperature and humidity measurements safely to the Cloud.

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Internet of Things SenseAnywhere has over 15 years experience in developing hardware and software for wireless connectivity. Our transceiver modules and Wireless Short Packet protocol stack has proven to be living up to the expectations of our customers. If you have equipment or sensors that you want to wireless connect to a central database or your application in a very reliable, quick and economic way talk to us. Whether it is remote management, remote sensing or monitoring we likely will be able to supply you with what it takes. Our modules and software can be found in tens of thousands products installed and in use to date. 

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How it works


Sensors and wireless modules automatically detect an AccessPoint that is within range. AccessPoints like e.g. WiFi access points are 'just' an interface to convert wireless data to wired (IP) data and vice versa. Data is only stored in a Sensor and in the database in the cloud. Sensors double as data loggers. Events, measurements that cannot be sent immediately to the database get stored with a time tamp and will automatically be transmitted when in range of an AccessPoint. The reception of each message is confirmed by the database and not released by the sensor before it receives that confirmation. This way we can guarantee message delivery no matter what happens with the network or any of its components.Through a standard API we can forward the received data to your application.



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