Monitor samples during transport in a very simple way!

Years ago already, it was important to measure the parameters of samples at the laboratory. Since the update of ISO Standard 15189 (which specifies the quality process requirements for the medical laboratories), monitoring transport of samples has become crucial. Today, each medical laboratory must undergo an ISO 15189 accreditation process. During transportation, biological samples have to be kept at precise temperature levels: -20° for frozen samples, +2°C à +8°C for refrigerated samples and +15°C à +25°C for ambient samples. The person in charge has to check these temperatures and provide proof of meeting the requirements with a temperature record.

Validate the compliance of your samples with our AiroSensor and SwitchHolder
SenseAnywhere’s AiroSensor provides a simple and convenient way to meet this new standard because it can monitor the temperature of samples during transport. With the optional SwitchHolder you can enable or disable the programmed alarm function with one single sliding movement. This accessory is ideal for environments with cooling systems that are not operational during specific times.

What does the process ‘transport of samples’ with an AiroSensor look like? Let’s give an example of how our data loggers can be easily used by doctors, transporters and laboratories:

  1. The doctor takes blood from a patient and puts the sample in the cool box, which is already at the required temperate level. The cool box must stay within a specific temperature range and after activating the SwitchHolder, the doctor will get an alarm in case of any abnormality. He can rest assured that during transport the temperature will be correctly measured thanks to this AiroSensor and SwitchHolder. At the same time, an automatic email with the location is being sent to the transporter, so that they know they can go ahead and pick up the cool box at the doctor’s.
  2. The cool box is being transported. The alarm is active so when measurements are out of limits during transport, a notification is being sent.
  3. The cool box with samples arrives at the laboratory. The lab technician opens the box and disables the alarm function. When activating or disabling the SwitchHolder the data logger tries to find the network. When the data logger connects with the AccessPoint at the laboratory, the message ‘trip end ok / trip end not ok’ appears on the screen. If something went wrong, you can see immediately what happened with the temperature over-time.


Only one single sliding movement is needed to enable the alarm function and keep track of compliance of your samples. It saves a lot of time (and money) in your quality processes.


The AiroSensor with SwitchHolder fits in most of traditional biological samples transport boxes (AiroSensor Dimensions HxWxD: 131mm x 33mm x 24mm and SwitchHolder 34mm x 52mm x 25mm).


The AiroSensor and SwitchHolder are easy to install, use and maintain. You can quickly get an analysis of your temperature records thanks to our online portal.

What else?

Everything is digitally documented, so there is no need for paperwork anymore and ineffective transports belong to the past. At the same time the automatic location emails are a unique service that SenseAnywhere offers.

Monitoring transportation of samples has never been this easy!