Monitoring goods made easy with SenseAnywhere!

Goods are monitored all the way from production until consumption
An AiroSensor stays in the package throughout the whole distribution chain. Seamless roaming allows the AiroSensor to transfer it’s data real-time at any location where a SenseAnywhere (Mobile) AccessPoint is deployed. All data is stored securely in the Cloud and you can access it from any smart device.

And this is how it works

Your AiroSensor discovers a SenseAnywhere AccessPoint automatically and sends its data to the device. An AccessPoint forwards the message to the secure database in the Cloud where it is stored and sends a reply when the message is received correctly. The AiroSensor gets a reply from the database and deletes the data from its memory. As the owner of the AiroSensor you can now access the data and generate reports using any smart device. It’s as easy as that!