AssetSensor leads a new generation of active Tags / RFIDs that also feature sensor technology. Besides the traditional beacon function found in Active Tags, the AssetSensor can also provide motion and handling information on the device it is attached to, allowing you collect more valuable data about your assets. By combining latest RF transceiver technology with a low-power microprocessor and integration of MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) sensor technology, SenseAnywhere has been able to create greatly improved wireless sensor and data logger devices. AssetSensor was our first product in a range of products that can be used for track and trace, remote sensing monitoring and alerting, RTLS and data logging. Unique is its unmatched battery life of 10 years. One big thing less to worry about when deploying active Tags.


  • Active RFID: RTLS for larger or expensive goods
  • Automatic arrival / departure registration and theft protection of valuables, large tools and vehicles
  • Recording of start en stop times, running hours and working hours in- and out- of range of the network
  • Theft protection and unauthorized use detection
  • Protection and monitoring of valuables in museums or public places during storage, transport and lending out periods
  • Shock or position data logging during transport

Technical Specifications