The role of SenseAnywhere in IoT healthcare applications

IoT enables devices to gather and share information with each other and the Cloud so that data streams can be collected and analysed accurately and quickly. Today, wireless sensor-based systems gather medical data that was never accessible before and in addition, sensors make the work of medical staff easier. SenseAnywhere’s AssetSensor and StatusSensor are the striking example of this.

AssetSensor revolutionizes the way to check availability of hospital beds
SenseAnywhere has developed the AssetSensor that can be attached to a hospital bed and which is able to measure presence of patients in the bed. If hospital beds do not move, the beds are not occupied. This allows medical staff to see very quickly whether they still have beds available for patients. The sensors are also used to see if infusion pumps are occupied or not. Reduced manpower and increased productivity are clear benefits, or in other words: time and money saving.

Keeping track of the stock levels of bins has always been a daunting task
Almost every organization where care is given has supply rooms or racks where goods are stored in bins and personnel takes products from them when they need it. Keeping track of the stock levels of these bins and reordering parts has always been a daunting task. Common problems are: out of stock or overstock and significant costs like paperwork and error correction are involved. However, the right inventory solution can have the opposite effect, speeding up processes and minimizing loss. It is easier than you think to get on top of your inventory issues for a more convenient and efficient process.

StatusSensor is an IoT solution for managing inventory remotely
The StatusSensor is a new, effective, reliable and easy to implement bin stock supply chain management system. When the switch is switched to the “reordered” position, immediately a replenish request for that bin is wirelessly sent to the supply chain management system. When the supplies are replenished in the bin, the switch is placed in “refilled” or “OK” position and a replenished command for that bin goes to the supply chain management system, indicating that the reordering process has been completed. In short: if you have a row of boxes behind each other and there is one empty, the next box will slide forward and if that is the last one you will receive a notification. This goes completely automatically. The benefits:

  • Elimination of stock-outs of mission-critical parts
  • Reduced inventory auditing time
  • Less paperwork and lower inventory cost
  • No training required
  • Wireless, no maintenance, installs in minutes, lasts a lifetime

SenseAnywhere’s sensors make health care applications easier

Checking whether hospital beds or infusion pumps are available or helping to manage inventory; the data loggers of SenseAnywhere can be used in different ways. Investments that quickly pay for themselves. If you want to learn more, our technical and sales team stay at your disposal to answer your questions: +31 (0) 165 560088 or