Transport alarms

What is it?
With SenseAnywhere you are able to generate Transport Alarms. This feature is available for Pro and Enterprise subscriptions. Transport Alarms are automatic alarms which show you whether the sensitive goods have been transported under the right conditions or not.

How does it work?
In order to generate Transport Alarms, you require an AiroSensor and SwitchHolder. At the start of the transfer you enable the SwitchHolder and you will receive an email. The email informs you that the trip has started, which parameter is being monitored and the name of the data logger. At the end of the transport you disable the SwitchHolder and you will receive another email. This email contains a summary with the duration of the transport, the programmed temperature limits and whether the limits have been exceeded or not (‘Trip Finished Ok’ or ‘Trip Finished Not Ok’). If something went wrong, you can see immediately what happened with the temperature over-time.


  • The Transport Alarm works easily and completely automatically;
  • Transport Alarms are stored for 10 years;
  • Other data loggers are constantly monitoring and cannot be enabled or disabled. If companies would like to monitor only during transport, they often use a disposable data logger. The data loggers of SenseAnywhere offer you a solution to monitor only during transport and the data logger can be used again afterwards. This is cost-effective;
  • There are companies that only want to receive a notification when the limits have been exceeded but other companies always want to receive confirmation that the limits have not been exceeded. SenseAnywhere offers the possibility to also receive a message if everything is ok during transport.

Monitoring doors of trailers or freezers

What is it?
The SenseAnywhere AiroSensor X ER is the AiroSensor T ER model with an IP67 class connector to connect it to an external dry contact. This comes in handy when you want to make sure the doors of your trailers or freezers are not kept open too long. You can set an alarm for when the doors open or when it exceeds a certain time limit.