Create the best climate in your greenhouse with the ClimateSensor

To get your crops growing properly and with optimum efficiency, you need to have accurate control of your greenhouse climate. Temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration need to be effectively adjusted to one another, and preferably as accurately as possible. All these parameters can be measured with only 1 product: the SenseAnywhere ClimateSensor.

Accurate temperature control
Accurate temperature control is critical for optimizing crop growth. The temperature in a greenhouse is affected by the ventilation and the amount of sunshine it receives. Temperature can be controlled by opening vents in the roof or by opening doors. To provide a desirable production environment without wasting energy, it is important to make sure the temperature measured is truly representative of the plants’ environment.

Check humidity and CO2 conditions and take action if necessary
The humidity inside a greenhouse is almost always close to the maximum because of the amount of greenery. Controls on humidity are similar to those for temperature: you can open some vents or doors. It is possible to install a dehumidifier that could help reduce the high levels. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an essential component of photosynthesis which increases productivity through improved plant growth and vigour. If the CO2 around tomatoes is too high, you can open some vents for example. Optimizing the CO2 conditions around the crop is an important step for a better result.

ClimateSensor is a great IoT solution for monitoring greenhouses
With the ClimateSensor it is now possible to create the ideal climate for your greenhouse and the ideal habitat for your plants. The ClimateSensor from SenseAnywhere is the most versatile and lowest power consuming wireless indoor climate sensor around. It runs up to 10 years un-attended on its internal battery, which is unique in the market. Imagine keeping an eye on the internal greenhouse climate and crop all from your smart device. We’ve made that possible with our SenseAnywhere Client Portal. When the temperature, humidity or CO2 measurements are outside acceptable levels, the ClimateSensor will send e-mail and SMS notifications to the responsible person. It all works very easily!

Optimise plant growth and improve yields
The most important benefit of control in the greenhouse is the efficiency and effectiveness of your management decisions. Closer monitoring of the greenhouse environment with the ClimateSensor and associated software will optimise plant growth and greatly improve yields and economic performance. Manual entry and registration become things of the past. The cost of this investment can generally be recovered within a couple of seasons through savings in labour and better crop production and is therefore worth considering!